Tips for a greener mind

Howdy howdy lovebugs,

in the midst of the usual frenzies of the Christmas shopping I found a safe haven in a closing bookshop. Posters and banners the size of Jupiter were burning my eyes with their bright promotions: 80% Sale! CLOSING DOWN!

The people rushing for their issue of ‘The official Premier League supporter’s guide’ were as excited  as a herd of Robert Pattinson’s fans -which made it difficult to imagine finding any decent book in there. Nonetheless, among the never ending shelves of  children books, cookbooks and other  car tunning calendars was a deserted corner – submerged by untouched piles of books. Imagine my delight when upon approaching this corner I found out they were all books on climate change, environment preservation and green lifestly tips.

Now for those of you who intend to follow this blog – and those who on the contrary want to get it over with, I shall share here some reading advise.

The following books will provide you basic tips for a greener lifestyle according to your area of interest. The collection is called ‘The Little Green Book…’ and it’s written by Diane Millis and Sarah Caillard. Published by Carlton, you can find them at your local bookshop or online.

I hear you already… “It’s impossible to be green on a student budget! Organic, fairtrade, all of this is expensive”. Students of the world, be ready here goes away your last excuse for beeing reckless and pollutant! Save the world by clicking here.



Finally, many facts about environmental science, climate change and other environamental changes posted in this blog will be taken from the following books:

The Rough Guide to Climate change (Royal Society Prize for Science Book 2007) and Environmental Science Demystified.

Enjoy your reading!!!




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