Everlasting love – no longer a sin

Dearest readers and supporters, please hear my confession.

As we enter together this year-long quest of mine for a more sustainable lifestyle there is something you must know about me. For how much I want to reduce the environmental impact of my existence and for how much I love our mother earth: I will never stop loving SHOES.

I can now live this passion fully with less remorse. Check out this of eco-friendly and socially responsible brand of footwear: Simple Shoes.

This brand launched in 2005 with the Green Toe line is originally from Santa Barbara and now proposes a wide range of footwear from flips flops to boots, sneakers and even bags! The materials used comprise recycled tires and inner tubes, organic cotton and hemp and natural crepe rubber. There is even a line for vegans! Check it out:

They exist for men too !

My very favourite – Santa if you hear me:

Next time you find yourself in the ABSOLUTE necessity of buying a new pair of shoes – and by that I mean you are barefoot in the streets, you can now indulge yourself with a cool pair of sneakers that do good to the environment.

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