3Rs is the new A-List

Infidels, believers and my sweet sinners,

How irresponsible of me to embark you on this journey without the basic announcements!? Ever took a plane without the fat hostess/hot steward with accent doing their little dance moves to tell you that if we crash you aim for the exit? Forgive my absence of mind and please hang on with me in this solemn instant: here comes the Holy Three Rs!

If you would like to do something for the environment in your day-to-day life let it be the three Rs: reduce, reuse recycle.

Now we’re gonna do the twist and it goes like this:

Reduce: your consumption! Buy less stuff and you will tremendously cut down the amount of waste you produce!

The trick? Buy products that last. Buy refillable (household cleaners, shampoos, pens, etc…) Avoid products that multiply containers, packages and plastic wrapper. When buying toilet or kitchen paper for example, buy in bulk so that you can stock up and have only one outer wrapper to throw away. Go for the essentials, the quality and the NBS (no bullshit) but on top of all BUY ONLY IF YOU NEED. (some tips coming up for the ladies and their addiction to fashion)

Reuse: anything that can’t be reduced, anything that is essential: make full use of it! Don’t throw away without further thinking. Paper used on one side? Use it for scrap! Unwanted, undesired clothes? Give it away to charity or be creative and make something out of it! Torn sheets and other pieces of clothing full of holes can make great dust or tea towels.

Recycle: The holiest of the holy Rs, the cutest of the seven dwarves, the Jacob of the werewolves : RECYCLING! Do your bit : enquire with your local authority on its recycling policy and sort out your waste accordingly. Always put aside glass and bring it to nearby containers. Donate books and clothes to charities and electronic devices to schools and community groups.

Do your part! Make a difference!

I will never repeat it enough in this blog. There are so many of us individuals… for how small and insignificant we look compared to multinational businesses, powerful interest groups and governments, we can still make a difference. If each and everyone one of us played its part.. all the small efforts put together could, and will bring about major changes in the world.

I can never stress this too much. It is crucial that citizens of the world develop knowledge of the issues our planet faces. Climate change, global warming, sea level rise, increased water salinity, acid rains, etc… are all human-made issues. We need to learn about them and what we can do to stop it. It is crucial that we raise awareness and built a strong culture of environmentally sustainable choices and lifestyles. It’s not easy but nobody said it would be. I am going vegetarian for a year, for how much I love meat. I am going to work hard on my lifestyle to improve it everyday. I am going to devote hours of my time to keep you update and informed of the share of things you can also do. It’s going to be hard, time-consuming and will require energy and motivation, but for once it feels right. Out of all the things I have ever achieved I have never felt so empowered, so worthy than now. I hope it inspires you.

Like I said… nobody said that saving the world was easy, but at some point you have to look at your soul, put you in perspective and ask yourself to choose between what is right and what is easy.

I hope I will inspire you to opt for the right efforts, the right mentality. The change that we all need.

give it a chance.

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