Forever young

To kick off this new year I would like to ask you 3 minutes of your time.

If on this day you want to take good resolutions for the upcoming year, I invite you to listen to Juan Carlos – member of the International Youth Climate Movement. His intervention was in front of the plenary in the Copenhagen negotiations. This will take you 2:20min

For the remaining 40 seconds I would invite you to ponder on you role as a youth especially regarding the failure of Copenhagen. Many will say – and I’ve already heard it- that politicians keep talking but never make anything come true, that all negotiation rounds will always be the same and that none will ever change anything. There’s too much interest at stake.

Sure, thanks that definitely helps making a better world, keep going down that road and it’s no surprise that people become selfish and when they are empowered they think only of the interests of the most powerful, of themselves and the privileged.

In the face of such pessimism, I would just like to say that even though we need our world leaders to work towards achieving what is best for the world. On the other hand we too  – the youths – must work towards a better future.You too can take decisions to change the world, you too must take measures on your scale, in your lives to save the environment and make the world a better place. So don’t just wait for treaties or conventions to save the world. Don’t wait on others to make laws.

Do it yourself already and don’t ever be selfish, the Earth is already giving us everything. It’s about time we are more grateful and we start giving back.

Happy Revolution!

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