Was ist los?

When I started this blog I knew that there will come a time when I will freak out. I thought I wont be able to come up with new ideas and I will run out of interesting facts to share … even worse , what if my knowledge of environmental science would run out too quickly? What if I had no clue how to make my life further sustainable? What if I failed at my vegetarian diet? What if I failed at making my life a living proof of my principles and values?

Well… it turns out that the reason I’m losing it right now is just that I have soo much to share with you… but so little time to do it! I hope you still enjoy reading my posts and don’t wait for them in long hours of excruciating and agonizing pains… Bear with me as I find my way through my hectic life to sit down and tell you about the green flashes of light that go through my mind 🙂




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