Waste is the new lame

Statement. Full stop. Non negotiable.

As you may have seen the winter sales have begun.Yes sir, the herds of women fresh and awake at 7 in the morning are not workaholic bombshells rushing to sign the ultimate deal for a global free distribution of recycled and air motorized cars.That’s not before Leonardo Dicaprio decides to deliver one to me himself. Naked. Unfortunately. Neither are they rushing for the new Twilight sequel. That’s not before another year. Thank God.

Sir, these women… and men are fashion sensitive machines unleashed to save their thirsting souls with the latest trends for the best bargain. And my mission today if you accept to hear my plea is to dissuade you!

Before you get anywhere close to that:

Please reconsider.

What I would like you to understand is that your shopping can have devastating consequences. For what you know… you’re not the only one shopping and craving for a YSL-like studded leather jacket, Lady Gagaesque yellow dresses and sequins embroidered padded shoulders. Okay, but by the time you get them they will soon run out of fashion. Yes they will don’t deny it! No this yellow dress is not a timeless classic. It’s YELLOW for god’s sake.

So in the blink of an eye here comes next summer and next winter and they never come alone but rather they drag along new trends. They create new needs. I damn needed those Pocahontas boots! I sure did. But now it’s been two years and the inconvenient aesthetical truth has finally made its way to my brain. And it’s a  NO GO.

So what do we do? We store our clothes because: a) you never know b) between you and your flower pattern full length boho dress it’s sentimental c) I’ll keep it till it’s vintage and make my granddaughters the avant-gardiste of their times.

Yeah right.

But here we are reckless and with our short memory repeating the same mistake every year and tracking down the city’s best bargains and latest trends. Creating needs, satiation, disgust, and rejecting wasted clothes, accessories, shoes.


Let me remind you some trends for which we fell. A few years back THE winter coat was: manly, oversized and classic (Prada), we also had the Baby Doll Jacket (trapezium shape), the military long coat (Balenciaga) and now God bless us we’re in for the highly ethical nylon and fur Moncler-like puffer jackets (made of animal slaughter and highly pollutant plastic, yeay!). Need I also remind you that at some point there has been a polka dots trend? POLKA DOTS ? Seriously?!!

What I am trying to tell you is before you enter a shop… before you fall for something nice and trendy, think. Think twice and think again. Sure it’s in fashion, sure it’s cool. And I don’t doubt that it’ll make you more confident and it’ll help you find your true self. Okay no I’m sure it wont.

What I’m sure of, is that you don’t need any of all this and the only things you should allow yourself to buy are things you need. And when you do buy those, make sure you love them, make sure you will keep them for years and that they are good quality.

To help you embrace the consequences of such consumerist behaviors, you need to see it as a more holistic process. Imagine this whole system as a machine. This machine produces things : it has a big mouth and it’s spitting platform shoes, iPods and Hermes scarves. Whenever you take something from this machine, you give it incentives to spit out again, and to spit out even more. You encourage mass production. Please don’t ask me to remind you what other harmful things come out of the other end of the machine (such as polluting chemicals, carbon dioxide, etc…)

Again, before you buy something ask yourself : why? Is it all worth it?

And remember there are other solutions:

  • Old fashioned clothes? Give them out to charities, not everybody cares about what Vogue thinks of your old sneakers.
  • Buy second hand : it’s been used and it’s now abandoned, waiting for you to pick it up and give it a rebirth.

Seriously, the world doesn’t care what kind of boots you’re wearing. Let’s start being responsible for a change.

Be a responsible consumer. Thank you. Full stop.

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One Response to Waste is the new lame

  1. notedscholar says:

    I agree that someone should always shop when they are hungry!


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