Live green or die trying.

If you’ve already thought about what to do of your body in the event of your death (and sorry I tried a million different ways to start this post, but it just can’t sound right in any way, so I thought I’d save you the fuss and be straightforward) this is going to interest you.

If not, then it’s never too late. I mean too early. Oh damn.. sorry!

So what’s the deal? Cremation or burial? Here’s a few things you need to know about the ecological impact of both techniques.

(I deliberately refused to put up a morbid picture so instead you have line dancers in Singapore)

Burial : takes up space and is potentially threatening for groundwater. Besides the caskets are made of an incredible amount and variety of materials, including: steel, bronze, copper and  wood. On top of that they are sprayed with protective shiny finish products (methyl and xylene).

On the other hand cremation requires a great amount of energy to burn the casket and body. Besides the combustion releases numerous gases in the air, among which the dreadful carbon dioxide!

So what’s the alternative? Some say it’s an eco-friendly casket (I’ll let you google that, because if I haven’t jinxed us by now I sure would by putting a link) others also believe in: freeze-drying.

This technique initiated in Sweden consists of freezing the body until it can be shattered into powder. The remaining are then buried in a corn starch biodegradable box. People are then encouraged to plant a tree on top of the grave. The tree would benefit form the rich compost that is the ashes of the body, thus perpetrating the circle of life.

Gives us something to think about, doesn’t it? Until then let’s stay alive!

Source: Sydney Moring Herald (why not ?)

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