Harder than the burger

It’s now been over a month since I have last eaten meat as part of my new commitment to live a greener life. All is going well and some decisions I take are now becoming real habits. Most of my food is organic and I try to reduce my energy consumption to a minimum (less heater, less water, etc…)

But there’s one thing that’s harder to give up and control : the shopping.

In a previous post I have made a clear point about it with a groundbreaking : SHOPPING = WASTE.

So I do keep it to a minimum, especially on the electronic and/or gadget side of it. But the clothes. Seriously? I couldn’t have resisted those gorgeous leather mini shorts at  £10! Who would have?

Anyway just to say that as time passes and I get into some good habits, the more I realise that this challenge and especially this blog should not be an abnegation of myself. I have always been passionate about fashion and wanted it to be my career, one way or another. I’ve given up this beloved path to enter politics and make myself useful. I shouldn’t let this be the decision that made me unhappy. I think it would actually be wise to finally accept myself and stop forcing me into rejecting the things I like just because I think I ought to.

I promised there wouldn’t be much rambling about myself but I needed to make this point to feel more confident in what I think and what I like.

I have beliefs and I try as hard as I can to live up to them. But I also have a true passion and it makes me sad to waste it.

Have a good day and remember to be yourself, it doesn’t matter if it’s good enough for someone else.

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