Welcome to the right side of the force

You probably have noticed that magazines reporting trends of the latest fashion week are flourishing at your newsagent.

New Work, London Milan and Paris and the most acclaimed fashion weeks of the world but I would like to draw your attention to Portland’s fashion week. It’s the second longest running fashion week on the West Coast. The specificity of this fashion week is to promote local designers with sustainable practices. Portland is said to be the greenest city of the US and its fashion week -the eco friendly one- is now attracting more and more attention. Here’s my little report from the Spring/Summer 2010 collection presented at Portland’s Fashion Week.

Although I deplore a serious lack of information on the designers and how their collections are green indeed one can only acclaim the effort (ie: staging a green runway) and start picking out your favourite pieces…

btw: notice the well tofu-fed models. Eventually, real women!!!

Shoulder pads by Idom (top) and the maxi silk skirt by Lizzie Parker (bottom)

Feathers by Idom(top) and Nelidru Design (bottom)

The tribal mini dress by Lizzie Parker (top) and water blue silk skirt by La Vie (bottom).

The maxi gowns by Angela Sasmita

And the Little Black Dresses by : Amai Unmei (2 first) and Idom (bottom)

Michelle Obama’s next dress by Suzabelle. Note the headband!

And my personal pick, by Pakistani designer Mehdi.

source and credit for pictures: www.portlandfashionweek.net

ps: apologies for the terrible layout the article was published by error.

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