White Powder

When you have to do your laundry you should know that there isn’t just your clothes that’s filthy. There’s more to your washing than the stains that you wash away, than the fresh smell and your immaculate white shirts.

Here’s the deal about washing powders.

Traditional washing powders tick all the wrong boxes. It starts with the container: plastic, paper, carton, ink and sometimes individual packaging for the tablets. And then there’s all the badness inside topped up with perfume: chemicals, chemicals, chemicals. To name but one : bleach ?

Also, don’t get carried away when you read bio on some packs of powder and non-bio on others. This distinction refers to the components of the washing powder. The bio washing powders contain enzymes while non-bio don’t contain them. Enzymes are proteins that accelerate the chemical reactions and they are very efficient on certain stains like grease or blood. Some will say that they don’t require water as hot as non-bio detergents would to be efficient, but that is yet to be proved.

So I would suggest to my fellow student to opt for non-bio detergent used at average temperature. This way you release less chemicals and use as little energy as possible. Our clothes are never so dirty anyway, it’s not like we bath in mud or in paint.

You can find such detergent at Sainsbury’s, unfortunately they come in small packages and are quite pricey (£3.09).

Then if you’re willing to put some good will there is an even greener solution:

Indian soapnuts, flowers of the Sapindus Mukorossis that contain saponine. They grow in trees and cost less than £15 for a kilo. All you need for a clean laundry is six nuts in a cloth or an old sock. The nuts will release their natural detergent at the contact of the water, starting from 30°C.

Nuts can be used several times.

  • at 30 and 40°C =they can be used 3 times
  • at 60°C = they can be used 2 times
  • at 90°C = they can be used once

Once soft and dark they can be composted. They are highly recommended for skin allergies and other skin conditions. For more information and online orders: jump here!

source and credit for the pictures: the Soapnut company and Sainsbury’s

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  1. Ale says:

    this was USEFUL! thanks!

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