brothers and sisters

My friends at Eco Singapore have recently made a very nice post about me on their blog. I feel very honoured and would like to take the occasion to  dedicate them a post on my blog as well.

I would like to thank them for this really nice homage and recall all those that have inspired me on this green journey.

It all started with an internship at ECO Singapore, a flourishing youth non-profit social enterprise based in the lovely city of Singapore. The adventure then continued as we all went together to Copenhagen. Since I have been working with you my friends I feel more and more inspired to keep trying harder at being a better person and at maintaining a continuous flow of information to my peers.

The Eco-warriors are amongst the most devoted and courageous young women and men that I have seen. They are all successful students engaged in challenging studies, yet they are committed to ECO Singapore and our beloved boss/brother/father: Wilson. And I can tell, when I was interning at the ECO Singapore office this summer I saw many of you give your previous time to a cause, to an organisation, to the ECO family. I thank you you all for the inspiration you instil and the support you’ve provided throughout the many challenges we’ve faced together. I also bow to you and the amazingly rich and interesting blog that you so diligently update.

I hope  you all recognize yourselves (not just in the picture 🙂 ) and you can hear the big round of applause that I am putting together for you in my tiny campus room! I am immensely impressed by your powers and motivation. You definitely are Green Superheroes!

I invite you all to visit my friends at ECO Singapore’s blog : right here! It’s very regularly updated with substantial information and always a touch of style and humour 🙂 And it’s got loads of Copenhagen goodness and other insiders’ stories.

And Wilson, 谢谢 !

For more information about ECO,  visit the ECO Singapore website and in-house magazine: EXPRESS!

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