Thank god there’s no meat in Nutella

So yesterday I was considering making myself a sandwich and while wandering through the aisle of my local Sainsbury I let myself fall for a strange little alien : meat-free Ham Style slices by the vegetarian food producers Quorn.

In other words they’re orange slices of ‘something’ and they’re meant to replace ham. Alright let’s give it a try!

Put aside the fact that they are orange (as said before yes but I feel the need to reiterate that they are ORANGE!!) it’s actually quite good. The texture resembles that of ham and the taste, although it’s not ham is very nice. I think that anybody could enjoy this product really.

But then, while munching on my orange non-ham I let my mind wander and reconsider the whole concept. What’s the true meaning of this? Am I such a bad vegetarian that I need to replace my usual meat by strange orange non-identified objects? What’s the actual purpose of being vegetarian: refusing to eat animal meat for ethical reasons or rejecting modern eating habits and products? If I was a real vegetarian would I need to have my orange veggie ham?

The point is I think that this type of products, although they make very good meat-free alternatives, need to be considered as products per se. They actually taste of something and they are actually good for you.

Because yes, I then conducted a little investigation.

What’s all that made of?

Most Quorn products are made of mycoprotein. It’s a protein from the fungus family, put it this way : it’s a super powerful fungus, human made… It’s low in fat and full of goodness, studies say it helps reduce cholesterol! But most of all it’s rich, rich, rich in protein!! For more info on the mycoprotein, click!

Quorn is a brand that can be found almost everywhere in the world and its products range from sausages, to burgers, ham and mince for lasagna and Bolognese sauce. For more info: click ! There’s even chicken-like strips so you can kiss Hello again! your favourite fajitas!

Now if you needed a little push to go vegetarian I think this is it, and from now on no more excuses and complaints from your friends, anything can be made vegetarian!

Only drawback for our vegan friends, most quorn products contain eggs…. And as for the production of the mycoprotein, the investigation is still in process to find out if it’s green or not…

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