Never again


Here’s a video by PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) to make you face the cruelty in the food industry.


If you don’t have the time to watch, which I think is a pity because it would make you change your mind, here are a few facts:


  • Chickens and hens raised in batteries suffer from heart attacks and legs malformation from growing too large and so fat too fast. They live on their excrements and surrounded by the corpses of the weakest of them which have died from the unbearable conditions of life.
  • Laying eggs hens are pilled in small cages, there are about 5 to 11 in each. The lack of space doesn’t allow them to spread their wings. Their beaks are cut with a heated blade. Some are taken through the process of removing their feathers alive.
  • Hens’ bodies are so weak, 90% of them die before they make it to the slaughter house.


  • Castration, cutting of horns and branding is done without anaesthetic.
  • Animals affected by tumours and cancers are still certified good for meat so their illnesses go untreated.
  • At the slaughter house,  many are skinned and dismembered while still fully conscious.
  • more than 100’000 cows are unable to walk out of the transport trucks every year.
  • Dairy cows are plugged to machines that often harm them, several times a day.


  • the first time they breath fresh air is in the truck to go to the slaughter house.
  • shortly after birth, pigs have their ears mutilated, teeth and tails cut and are castrated without any painkillers.
  • pigs that don’t grow fast enough are killed by being thrown on the ground, head first.
  • they grow so quickly that there legs cannot support them : they cannot walk.
  • in the transport trucks, they freeze to death or die of dehydration. Their limbs snap under the weight of the other terrified animals.
  • 100’000 arrive dead at the slaughter house.
  • improper stunning cause them to have their throat slit while still awake.
  • some are burnt alive in the tank for hair removal.

I think I will never eat meat again.

Think about it too.

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