Empowered by choice

I was recently talking to a close friend about some of the motivations behind my blog and I would like to reiterate them for everyone to understand the idea being this project.

It was always meant to fulfill two purposes:

  • Document my year-long challenge (see the Green Kaleidoscope Project) to prove myself and everybody that a more sustainable lifestyle with a reduced carbon footprint is feasible.
  • Inspire my peers around the world to adopt a similar attitude by informing them on alternative and greener habits 🙂

I never meant to sound patronizing or judgemental and I would like my readers and friends to understand that the values an principles that I praise are my own beliefs. By exposing them I want to encourage you and myself at the same time to consider a greener lifestyle, whenever a choice is upon us.

The Green Kaleidoscope Project is just an attempt at shedding light on more responsible choices of life.

The driving forces behind this project rose from the deceiving Copenhagen Accord of the COP15 (december 2009), to understand them I invite you to look at this video from the Global Youth:

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One Response to Empowered by choice

  1. Alison says:


    Elle est ouf cette video!

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