Bye bye Yvo

So the news came in 2 days ago and I think you have probably heard of it by now, but I just wanted to write a little word for Mr. Yvo de Boer, Secretary General of the UNFCCC (United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change) who has announced his resignation.

Yvo de Boer and youth organizer Sebastien Duyck at the Young and Future Generations Day reception

I have never had the honour to meet him personally but I know for a fact that he has been a great supporter of the International Youth Climate Movement and youths in general. Let us not forget that it is under his administration that the youths have acquired constituency status at the UNFCC, officially becoming the YOUNGO 🙂

I have been lucky to enjoy his presence at several YOUNGO events in Copenhagen.  Strangely he always seemed disenchanting as if his task was too great … and the problem of climate change unbeatable. In fact I could only but observe a man of passion and commitment, lucky to have humour and a sharp mind to survive in the world of climate talks, too often deceiving. 

Follow the link to my friends at ECO Singapore for a complete article on Mr de Boer: here.

I will always remember one of his interventions. On the Young and Future Generations Day at COP15, during an  intergenerational conference on climate solutions, Ruchi Jain from India in her pleading speech for a real deal, turned to Yvo and said that she gives her trust to negotiators to achieve a deal in Copenhagen.

Yvo just replied: “No. Don’t give us your trust, for trust must be earned and not given”.

Yvo had earned our trust, but he never gave it to negotiators and that is probably what made him too human to endure the failure of the UNFCCC and world leaders.

Picture courtesy of ECO Singapore

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