Anything else George?

One of the first things that we humans do in the morning -besides cursing the day god decided there was (only) 24 hours in a day- is drink coffee. And if you don’t do that yet (though yes it will happen at some point, we all end up coffee drinkers) you surely have a cup or two around exam periods.

Now what’s the environmental impact of our morning coffee?

For those of us who use coffee machines with pads, this impact is pretty bad. Senseo, Nespresso and other Tassimo devices are nowhere near a friendly relation to the environment. The little pads, looking so innocent, are in fact terrible polluter. Tiny but mighty.

Coffee pads produce 10 times more refuse than traditional grounded coffee.

Why? Simple: they are individually packed in aluminium, polyethylene and polyester. On top of that, they are rarely recycled and surely never re-used. If they are recyclable, we usually totally forget to put it in the recycle bin  –  DUH yeah that hit me in the face like a frozen chicken breast too. But did you even know that they were recyclable? Aluminium made Nespresso pads go in the recycle bin. Now you can’t say I didn’t tell you.

So, what else is there? What I suggest is, again simple:

  • Green option 1: if you already have a Senseo machine you can purchase a refillable pad. Then you just buy your regular grounded coffee, fill the pad and use it normally in your less-evil-Senseo. These little angels can be found in most supermarkets… or on amazon under the Eco Pad.


  • Green option 2: you buy the award-winning (understand expensive) manual espresso machine The Spresso.  It doesn’t need electricity and uses the water of your kettle. Just follow the instructions – simple:

It can even make latte 🙂 More information and links to online shops can be found on the official website. Price? £80

Now Mr Clooney, can you fill my pad and pull my handles?

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