Little Green Dress

So this is a random post.

You all know my love for fashion and my struggle to balance this with my believes in a more ethical and less consumerist lifestyle… I tend advocate counter-growth rather than de-growth… So I give out a lot of clothes, I re-use my mom and dad’s old pieces of clothing and.. I try to resist fashion trends to buy classics that will not fade with time… but it’s not easy!

This young lady has found just the perfect combo. You’ve probably already heard of her, she is the founder of the Uniform Project and her challenge is to wear the same dress for 365 days. She posts her outfit everyday and collects donations for a charity in India that gets children in need to go to school.

Have a look at her website, it’s very well made and she can be very inspiring, fashion-wise and vintage-wise. She says it herself, most of her clothes and accessories come from second hand and thrift shops. And she celebrated the International Day of Climate Change!

To visit the website, click.

May we all recycle fashion!

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