Le Lac des Hirondelles

After being M.I.A for so long here’s a D.I.Y post on the M.I.U M.I.U Swallow Mary-janes (this is driving me slightly obsessed with acronyms…).

The fashion blogosphere is going crazy over the swallow prints by MIU MIU and especially their gorgeous Mary-janes. But since we can’t all afford the oh-so-coveted object of desire some have to find ways around. Inspired by the bloggers at Fashion Zen and Lions, Tigers & Fashion here’s a post on how to turn ANY pair of shoes into a loveable MIUMIU replica 🙂

Spread your wings, click to enlarge

All you need is black paint for plastic, a little confidence in yourself (swallows are the easiest thing to draw) and if you really want to pimp your mary janes go for a little bling on the toes. I got an embelished headband at Aldo, cut it in two and glued it on my freshly customized shoes. Add a bit of extra time on your hands and a good peek at the original model….

Btw, my shoes are Mono Janes by United Nude (29£ at the Terra Plana outlet in Brighton for the Brits reading…)

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