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Breaking news : Shanghai is hosting the 2010 World Expo!  Kidding.

More seriously, Shanghai really is hosting the 2010 World Expo and it also happens to honour the ecological design and architecture of the future.

As pictures speak for themselves and I am in a bad humour day (like for the hair in a bad hair day, only this time the jokes are bad) (see?) I’ll let the pictures speak for themselves.

The Canadian Pavilion – made of wood on the outside it is designed to harvest water and with vegetation covering the inside it will naturally keep a moderate temperature. (designed partly by the Cirque Du Soleil)

The Monaco Pavilion – inspired by the Mediterranean the solar-powered LED lights reproduce the flow of the Mediterranean waters.

The UK Pavilion – also know and the Seed Cathedral is composed of  60’000 acrylic rods, filled with seeds. During the day they conduct the sunlight in the inside of the building. And the action of the wind between the acrylic rods modifies the shape of the building.

And the Shanghai Corporate Pavilion – made of thousands of recycled CD cases!

Problem is… only 5 pavilions will be kept after the end of the World Fair (31st October 2010) as the rule says. So much for promoting sustainable development, ecological lifestyles and design. I’m just saying!

source for most of the information on the pavilions, the very comprehensive Inhabitat website.

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