Before later never comes

When I tell people about my year-long challenge of becoming vegetarian, the most frequently asked question is about what I will do after this challenge finishes (at the end of COP16 in Mexico).

As I said before, my initial concern was for the environment and although I have incorporated ethical considerations for the animals in my approach to vegetarianism, I still belive that humans being are omnivorous and I advocate ethical omnivore diets. By that I mean ecological, conscious and healthy consumption of meat, which means that animals are raised and killed in a respectful and ethical fashion. But most of all I think that we need to re-assess our meat income and re-consider it a precious ‘treat’. After all it’s the gift of life, taken from another living being.

This TED video represents exactly my line of thought – in a more articulate and surely more humoristic way. I invite you to watch it and consider a sustainable and ethical omnivore diet: the week day vegetarian.

The man, Graham Hill is the founder of the internet platform Treehugger, worth a look!

The facts, eating one hamburger a day increases the risk of dying by one third, meat causes more emissions than all means of transportations combined, beef production alone uses 100 more litters of water than most vegetables and finally us, as a society we consume twice more meat now than in the fifties!

The question, “knowing what I know why I am not a vegetarian?” So?

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One Response to Before later never comes

  1. Ale says:

    way forward!

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