There is nothing like home

As I probably mentioned it before, the hardest part about leading a responsible life -for me at least- is the shopping because I LOVE fashion !

In order to avoid buying more and more clothes and accessories I must find other ways to live my passion for fashion, and trust me for that there is nothing better than Mom and Dad’s wardrobes and the funny relics of your childhood.

Here are two examples of how to recycle old items of clothing and accessories.

Here is one of my mom’s old denim shirts, that I long begged her to keep hidden in the ‘memorabilia’ wardrobe. Today I am proud to wear it! Although it’s not the perfect cut at least it’s proper vintage! They actually lived through the 60s and 70s!

And here is an example of how to re-use all your old rings. There is a constant trend for fingers covered with rings. It’s very rock 🙂 so don’t hesitate to take all your old rings and wear them all at once, especially the ones that are too small -given by kindergarten boyfriends in my case. They will be perfect as “phalange” rings!

I hope you can find as many vintage treasures in your own closets and jewel cases! Another good tip is to raid your grandmothers’ wardrobes. They’ll be more than happy to give you their old stuff and they are TRUE VINTAGE 🙂

So don’t hesitate, before going shopping for new items, there’s always a chance to give an old item a second life. It’s good for your wallet and a nice gesture against our growing consumerist societies!

Coming soon, more Miu-miu inspired DIY!

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