I love frogs

I don’t know you but I am allergic to chlorine.

No seriously, it’s not part of the green-geek act. I am allergic to chlorine. Literally! And chlorine also happens to be the main product used in swimming pools to keep them clean. Clean my a**, I come out of them covered with a ravishing pattern of reddish spots… terribly NOT in fashion!

But anyway this is just to tell you that there is an alternative to our traditional artificial and chemical pools, that is : the natural and ecological swimming pools!

In France, the town of Mont-Près-Chambord (in the region of Loire et Cher) has opened the biggest ecological swimming pool. It’s 3’900 m2 and perfectly natural, which makes it the ideal holiday spot. Its capacity is 900 people a day but be aware that the entrance fee is relatively high (5€ for adults and 3€ reduced).

Now, what’s an ecological/natural swimming pool?

It’s a man-made pool, dug directly in the earth, that is entirely self-sufficient to keep itself clean, thus doesn’t need any chemical products. The good news is that you can also convert a normal swimming pool, into a natural one!

The pool must be divided in two parts, the swimming part and the vegetation or purification basin. Both must be equal in capacity! The basin must contain certain aquatic plants (water lilies) and animals (snails, insects, frogs!) that will recreate a full biological circle that will purify the water by maintaining a healthy level of nutrient (to avoid algae). The importance of aquatic animals is that they will feed from the plants, and vice versa, while the plants are crucial for purification and oxygenation.

On top of that the movement created by people swimming in the pool will help ‘brew’ the layers of nutrients at the bottom of the pool.

Now if you’ll excuse me I’m in for a swim!

For more precise information on how to build a natural swimming pool, click here and here.

Photo credits: GartenArt

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One Response to I love frogs

  1. Chloé says:

    There is also one in Rambouillet, in the forest near Paris. It’s located in a camping called Huttopia (there are many in France) which try to respect nature while keeping the site as comfortable as possible! Yeah I know I’m advertising here but I know it very well as I worked there for two months last year, what they do is very nice! The only problem is that you cannot go in the water if you’re not a customer but if you come with a few friends you can rent a space for the day and it’s relatively cheap in the end! It’s great, it feels like having a bath in a river!


    Au fait bon anniversaire Agathe 😉 Have a nice summer!

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