The Gulf of Mexico, the new Sherwood?

In my last post I was talking about clean natural swimming pools. The greatest of them all is currently being polluted in the Gulf of Mexico by an oil spill that occurred on April 20th from a BP drilling platform.

Since then the situation has escalated as BP has failed to overcome the problem and stop the leaking of thousands of barrels of crude oil in the Gulf of Mexico. Here’s a little overview of the different events that have occurred.

  • On April 20th the drilling rig is damaged by an explosion. This accident leads to the presumed deaths of 11 workers. Within 2 days the platform will sink.

  • There are 3 identified leaks, spilling about 5’000 barrels a day!
  • On April 26th BP cleaning crews initiated an in-situ burn, a cleaning process that consists of burning portions of the crude oil. But it can be complicated and the oil layer must be very thick.
  • on May 6th one leak a containment dome is installed above one of the leaks to channel the leak and collect it from a bot. This initiative fails and the dome is removed on May 7th.
  • Pictures of the spill taken by the NASA are released and videos by BP are also showed to allow independent scientists to ‘have a look’. The spill reaches 408 miles/705km long.

  • The oil spill has reached the coasts and hundreds of animals are affected.

To this date, no solution has been found for the oil spill…

… but that was before Robin Hood arrived!

Indeed, our beloved Kevin Costner -actor, musician and environmentalist was clever enough to purchase in 1992 a centrifuge device that can separate oil from water. This device the Liquid-Liquid Centrifuge Separator, operationalised by his institute the CINC is used worldwide to clean up oil spills.

On Wednesday, Kevin Costner, officials from his institute and the Ocean Therapy Solutions met with BP officials who will consider this Liquid-Liquid Centrifuge as a solution to the Gulf Spill.

Coming soon we will be looking at BP’s responsibilities and the concept of “greenwashing”. Stay tuned, this ain’t over yet!

For a detailed account of the tragedy, Treehugger and ENN for regular updates.

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