The Frigate

So I want to introduce something new on GBG. Because I want to keep the blog alive but I sometimes have limited time to post I want to start sharing videos/quotes and pictures that inspire me.

To start off with, here is a song that I heard in Copenhagen at a presentation by the delegation of Kiribati entitled ‘the song of the frigate’.

The frigate is the symbol of Kiribati and it is the main character of this song. The story told is sadly similar to what may happen to Kiribati due to sea-level rise : a frigate flies away from her nest to seek food, when she wants to return, she cannot find it because the island has been submerged by the ocean, so she flies around looking for a home that has disappeared, not able to land anywhere. Think and enjoy!

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  1. Ale says:

    i thought this may interest you

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