It’s the final countdown

The GoingBrightGreen experience that I have started a year ago will soon end.

I know I have not been very diligent and have not written in my blog for long looonnng months but I have lived up to my challenge and have been vegetarian since December 18th 2009.

Today we’re a month a way from December 18th 2010, and less than a month away from the end of the Cancun UNFCCC COP16 negociations which end on December 10th – to recall my original motivation. For a little reminder, visit the Green Kaleidoscope Project page. After this date, I will see what happens of GBG.

Until then I would like to post as much as I used to before and what is a better way of ending this challenge than by going back over my year long experience as a vegetarian?

No porks nor salads were harmed in the realisation of this photoshoot. I respected the meat and did not play with a dead animal.

Having now been a vegetarian for the past 11 months, I would like to try making a brief assessment of the quality of life for vegetarians in the few European countries I have visited: the United Kingdom, France, Italy and more recently Berlin. The assessment and all remarks that will follow are undoubtedly subjective as they relate to my personal experience abroad. They are obviously open to criticism and comments. Any experience is good to share!

Every country will get its own post so keep an eye out for them!


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3 Responses to It’s the final countdown

  1. Alison says:

    Mazel tov! I’m proud of you!

    Are you going back to eating meet & fish starting on Chrismukkah? I have some scallops planned and they’re going to be goooood 😉

  2. Valentin says:

    Very proud of you, my dear Boss !
    Great bet and nice website (specifically pictures ;p)

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