Berlin Berlin !

I have just returned from a short stay in Berlin where I was in company of my long time vegetarian friend Jessica. Together we’ve enjoyed great vegetarian food for prices that defy all competition. Here is a little photo journalism as living proof of all the delightful meals we’ve had.

Overall, and although it is a torture to resist the typical German Bratwurst, on sale in every corner of he city -for an ex-omnivorous at least- I must say that Berlin is in fact a very vegetarian friendly city where Halloumi an Fallafel will always please your appetite, at any hour of the day/night because the Kebabs places are a must in Berlin. If you’re lucky you can also find vegetarian Würste (sausages), but most of all you gotta love that there are many vegetarian restaurants in the city and very often a vegetarian alternative on the menus.

On top of that, food is cheap in Berlin so there’s no reason to refrain… Here’s a little overview of a German week of vegetarian delights…

First of all, THE place you must try for a full American diner in an extraordinary setting and exquisite affordable food: the White Trash Restaurant and Tattoo Shop (soundtrack: 60s garage music). It is literally a restaurant and a tattoo shop, located in a former chineses restaurants (which would explain the decor in the room). The food served is American from head to toe and oh-joy-to-the-world, check this out:

Count 18€ for a gigantic vegetarian burger, a beer and a desert. In our case we went for the Grilled Goat Cheese Vegetarian Buger and the Barbecue Sauce and Jalapenos Peppers Vegetarian Burger. For desert it was the New York Banana Cheesecake and a Chocolate Sunday Fudge. Not for chickens.

Turkish food – thanks to the most important cultural community of Germany. On the menu tonight: Börek, Turkish taboulé and folded Turkish pancakes (stuffed with cheese) Count from 1€ to 2€ per serving. Go to Café Suna in Alt Moabit.

Wok noodles with Tofu and Springroll with Tofu, 4€ in Total.

The famous Bratwurst, except this is the vegetarian version (fried tofu) with German mustard, great food on the go. In front of the Sonnenhauser Alle U Bahn station, 1,90€.

Fancy a little snack? Sweet and savoury treats are very affordable and served in the cutest setting possible, on Kastanienallee. Mozzarella and Pesto Panini 3€ and a Nutella Waffle 2,40€.

If you’re thirsty, there’s the Club Maté, from Southern American mate tea, except it’s served fresh. THE drink that will keep you awake – which is why it’s a Berliner’s favourite in clubs. If like me you think it smells like fish, then you can simply get an orange juice.

Yes I know, you don’t need a blog to tell you to drink orange juice, except this is the occasion to remind everyone that in Germany there is a deposit for all drinks containers, so if you buy a bottle of water or –in our case- this orange, juice, remember to bring it back to get the deposit: 0,08€ for the glass bottle and 0,25€ for a 25cl bottle of Evian!

I hope this makes you want to go to Berlin, personally, I want to go back!!!

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  1. the shiny rock says:

    I see u had a great journey a Berlin as a vegetarian!

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