England, the birthplace

England is undoubtedly and unsurprisingly the ultimate vegetarian friendly country. If I had started my vegetarian diet anywhere else, the challenge would have been far much greater.

Whether you are in London and can choose from a large array of vegetarian restaurants or in smaller towns in England, there is always a profusion of vegetarian meals on any menu. Traditional pubs can always provide a vegetarian with a meat-free alternative to the most traditional English food: English breakfast, jacked potatoes or pies, etc. Moreover, thanks to England’s multiculturalism it is very easy to eat vegetarian because Oriental and Asian cuisines such as Lebanese, Moroccan, Indian, Malaysian, Korean and Chinese  always propose a large number of vegetarian meals, whether with tofu or simply made of vegetables only.

In terms of grocery shopping, England is a safe haven for meat alternatives and other tofu-ish products. Any supermarket will offer you Quorn products (see here and here), tofu or ready made vegetarian meals (although their carbon footprint screams : back off !!). My personal favourites are Cauldron Sausages (Lincolnshire and Cumberland style)

Actually, if you remember well, last year for Christmas I prepared a whole traditional English Christmas dinner and it was perfectly suited for a vegetarian! I even have a recipe for Lincolnshire style sausages (coming up next on the blog)

If you’re on the go, don’t freak out, England’s worldwide famous sandwiches always offer many vegetarian choices. My personal favourites are at Marks & Spencer! And to my surprise I must also tell you -although I strongly discourage you to eat there – that in McDonald’s in England you will most probably be able to order a vegetarian burger. If your pack of friends desperately wants to eat there, know that you may have something else to eat than transgenetic fries. You can eat transgenetic zombie-vegetarian burgers. Not saying it’s real good, just that it’s a hiding place in a danger zone.

Speaking of burgers, any place that offers American food will have vegetarian meals, you could go to Ed’s for example! Great vegetarian burgers with a feta steak, yummy fries and the ultimate 50s experience! And trust me there is nothing like a good vegetarian burger!

Now, to sum up, if vegetarianism was a class, I am tempted to say that England would be a straight A student! Besides, there’s no meat in scones so I am a happy veggie from morning until evening !

And if you ask, here is my favourite vegetarian restaurant in London:

Vita Organic in Soho, the mecca for vegetarians. The food is worth your money, the service is quick (it’s a buffet) and the recipes always very creative. The menus are well designed therefore you can get to try many different meals: for example if you take a medium plate, you get three different portions of anything on the day’s menu. Need I mention that on top of that the food is organic, vegan, locally grown AND the place is also a juice bar? Obviously there are also deserts.

Now get out there, cook, eat and snack green!

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