Italy – the country that pleases them all

Like France, Italy is very famous for its delicious cuisine (one of my favourite ever), but unlike the French one, Italian cuisine is both good with and without meat, for the simple reason that not all Italian dishes are made with meat.

Foccacia, panini, pizza, pasta, torte, insalate… those are the secret words to an explosion of your culinary senses. Why you will ask me? Because there is nothing simpler and tastier than a good focaccia, which with a good cut can magically turn into a generous sandwich stuffed with fresh basil, rippen tomatoes and mozzarella di Buffala. There is nothing more fulfilling than pasta al dente with freshly made pesto. Nothing more comforting than a pizza topped with fresh rocket, cherry tomatoes and parmesan shaves. And did you ever eat torte verde? Bread salad? Need I really say more?

I’ll just add one word: Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

Okay that’s four. But it’s still very little for all the joys it will bring you.

To be brief, Italian food is vegetarian friendly because it needs not be altered to be edible to our kind. And mamma mia it’s good!

Here are my latest discoveries: torta verde and bread salad – and they’re easy as ABC to make. Obvisouly my memory just gave birth to the recipes, but if you trust my greed you’ll trust my memory.

For the Torta Verde: if you’re not a chef, take 2 already made shortbread pastries. Layer one at the bottom of a cooking tray and reserve the second one. On the side cook fresh spinach with olive oil and garlic. Add parmesan cheese and risotto rice before putting the whole mixture in the tray. Cover with the second pastry and  cook until the rice is ready (inside the pie yes).

For the salad: make a big and beautiful vegetables salad (don’t get rid of the water inside the tomatoes when you cut them, the bread will soak). Don’t hesitate to add anything you want, be creative but don’t forget onions and olives 🙂 Then be generous on the seasoning but more with the olive oil than the vinegar (but that’s if you’re having me over for dinner).

Ps: my friends were too fast and ate my salad before I could get a shot of it. See how good it is? See how they can’t seem to get enough of it? Now who wants to marry me?

Buon apetito !!


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