Thou shall not waste

In January there was a small but meaningful uproar against the Swedish brand H&M for cutting and destroying unsold items of clothing before throwing them (when they could give them to charity – conscious consuming 101, got it?). The mischief was revealed by an employee of their flagship store in New York. And I say SHAME on you!

Yet it seems that it doesn’t take much for the infamous clothes machine to redeem itself, and with just the release of a minuscule but cleverly baptised “Waste Collection”, the Swedish giant has regained all credibility and its fidèles’ adoration. And so in their far far away land, Hennes and Moritz, after winning over the trust and love of their people, lived happily ever after.

Cynicism aside, I must say that they made a pretty clever move by turning all leftovers of the Lanvin Collection into a new collection. Isn’t that every fashionista’s dream? Turn all your old and dusty crap into cooler Arlequinesque Waka Waka inspired cocktail blazer? Like that chick Cinderella turned her pumpkin in a joy ride?

Unfortunately not everyone will be able to go all Cirque du Soleil with H&M as it appears that the Waste Collection is not on sale everywhere. Oh well… in that case I ain’t Wasting no money… got it? Got it?

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One Response to Thou shall not waste

  1. Lady Cla Cla says:

    Love the bag ! Il y en aura à Lille ?

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