Put the Re- in building

Maybe some of you remember one of my earliest post on Portland’s Eco-Friendly Fashion Week. I heard at the time that Portland was probably the greenest city in the United States.

Well now let me rephrase that: “Portland is most surely, although I can’t really know because I don’t know all cities in the US and I tend to go ahead of myself and make statements that are later invalidated by alert readers, like that story about the potato gratin and the Prince? Totally didn’t check my sources on that. Which is why I am a bit shy in making this assumption so I will insist on the conditionality and genuine spontaneity of what I will say hereafter, the greenest city in the US.

Here’s why.

I recently discovered an amazing initiative run in Portland, Oregon. The project is called The Rebuilding Center and consists of a huge warehouse where one can buy used and collected building and modeling materials. The objective of the Rebuilding Center is to “provide resources that make home repairs affordable to everyone, with the goal of promoting the reuse of salvaged and reclaimed materials.

The Rebuilding Center also has a deconstruction service, so if you plan on deconstructing a house or old building for refurbishment or simply have it disappear from the face of the Earth, make sure to call over the peeps from The Rebuilding Center. They will collect everything they can save and it will all be made available in the warehouse for others to use. The warehouse apparently has the largest amount of used construction material of the region, including doors, tubs, sinks, windows, etc… Does anybody know if there are similar organisations in the World?

Oh and did I mention that they also have workshops to teach people what to do with their two hands and a hammer?

Oh and did I mention that they support community projects and they have volunteer opportunities?

Oh and did I mention that in my dreams am moving to Portland?

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