Oscars 2011 : do you think the buffet is vegan?

As pointed out by a reader, The Huffington Post has recently featured a slide show of the greenest 2011 Academy Awards Nominees. If you are curious I invite you to read it… or to stick with GBG for a quirkier briefing on who’s hot in the holly wood.

Actor in a leading role : Colin Firth in The King’s Speech

The gorgeous British actor does not only interpret King George VI magnificently and neither does he only dive fully dressed in white in country house lakes, but he also supports fair trade. Firth owns two fair trade coffees and a fair trade shop. Whether he keeps his shop in a wet white shirt, I leave it to your imagination.

Actress in a leading role : Natalie Portman in Black Swan

So I am not a fan of Miss Portman but one must admire both her performance in Black Swan and her involvement in environmentalism, which dates back to a really early age. She’s been a vegetarian since forever and has been trying veganism since reading Jonathan Safran Foer’s Eating Animals. She also designs vegan shoes and got an eco-friendly engagement ring (vintage and conflict-free stones as well as recycled platinum). Not that I want to diss, but I would totally do that too if I was rich and engaged to be married to a gorgeous ballet dancer. Just saying Nat’!

Actor in a supporting role: Mark Ruffalo in The Kids are alright

Aaww Mark… and on top of that he’s a vegetarian??? AAWW MARK !

And for the record, because he is not nominated but has won all awards in my fantasy world: Leonardo Dicaprio. A few facts about his environmental consciousness that make him even more loveable:

  • He directed The 11th Hour a documentary on the state of the global environment including visionary and practical solutions for restoring the planet’s ecosystems.
  • He drives a Toyota Prius
  • He totally saved Rose’s life when there was clearly room for two on that damn raft
  • He donates big money to the WWF
  • He is Leonardo Dicaprio

Now about the movie sets. I never thought of the footprint that could possibly have a movie set, but if you think about it the logistics at hand must be extremely energy-consuming. Thankfully, the Huffington Post cleared that dark corner of my life.

Black Swan, 127 Hours and The Social Network were given the environmentally friendly label EMA Green Seal. the Environmental Media Association (EMA) is an NGO that works in the entertainment business and encourages sustainable productions. The Green Seal programme honors film and TV productions as well as large-scale event that were organized with the greatest use of sustainable and green technologies.

Oh, and that Black Swan flick? Totally an allegory to stop hunting birds.

All image credits, the Huffington Post and Imdb.

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