The truth about Tencel, Austria and Funnel Necks

Since mentioning it in my article on the eco-friendly Conscious Collection by H&M, the mysterious Tencel used to fake leather/suede/silk has kept me wondering where it came from…

Tencel is the brand name for Lyocell and it is manufactured by Lenzing AG, in Austria. Here’s Austria:  (who would have thought you’d learn that here, huh?)

No Kidding, Lyocell is a biodegradable and natural material created from wood pulp (mainly eucalyptus and bamboo – which luckily are sustainably managed in many parts of the world). It is often refered to as ‘eco-friendly’ because of such characteristics but also because the chemicals used to produce it can be recycled and used several times, thus avoiding great amounts of waste.

Now behold the gorgeous T by ALexander Wang Funnel Neck Anorak Top and other items of his collection made with Tencel, here. And coming soon an article on Funnel Neck Anorak Tops and the lethal fight that opposes them to Turtle Neck Tops and V Neck Tops in the wild Kingdom of Fashion…

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