The Green Kaleidoscope Project

Hello reader!

This is my first time blogging. In order for that first step to go smoothly for the both of us, let me set the mood.

This blog is about me but more precisely it’s about me giving my life an interesting twist.Don’t be scared off yet. This blog is not going to be an egocentric portfolio of my changes in hair colour or shopping frenzies. I will not either give you daily updates on the emotional rollercoaster that is my existence as a 20-year-old student. On the contrary I would like this blog to be inspiring for its readers on how a girl next door decided to change her lifestyle.

The change is question is becoming vegetarian and adopting a more environmentally sustainable lifestyle. This blog will be the peephole through which I will give you an insight of how an average 20 years old goes from being a lazy pizza prosciutto eater and shopping maniac to a green smoothie filled soy superhero.

By now I think that you guys reading this are thinking either: why would she blog about something as common as becoming vegetarian? Millions of people do it without having to brag about on the WorldWideWeb. The other half of you is thinking that I will never make it because it’s not easy/usual being a student and being healthy (If you think you are. You’re not, sorry love)

However, all of you are wondering: why? Why? WHY? Well yes, why would someone ban cheeseburgers, chicken tandoori, pork pies and other meaty delights from her diet? And what in the name of schmurves and ladybugs is an ‘environmentally sustainable lifestyle’?

Let me set the bigger picture. I am a student in politics and international relations and as far as I can remember I have always been concerned with the environment. Yes I do interpret my childhood dream of owning a farm and selling flowers a subliminal manifestation of the eco warrior within me. So this year, two events have struck me and forced me into re-envisioning my  mindset and lifestyle.

September 2009, I am in my room, playing tacky charts on my laptop and packing my stuff to move to campus for my third year of university. And BAM! The shameful truth hit me in the face like a meringue lemon tart: for how aware I am of development inequalities in the world and the impact of our consumerist lifestyle on the life of others and the earth : my own life is the counterexample of all my principles.

I have about enough clothes to dress entirely for 100 days in a row without wearing the same piece twice. The worst part is that my wardrobe comprises almost all fashion trends since I was old enough to know what ‘style’ meant (except for UGG boots. That’s a definite fashion faux-pas, no excuse).

The second event that forced me to reconsider my lifestyle is the 2009 United Nations Climate Change Conference that I attended as part of the International Youth Climate Movement. I have never felt so empowered as part of this movement and found myself in the company of such inspiring people that I knew this was a decisive moment for me. Fighting as we were for climate justice I felt bad for not having the most examplary life on my own. Most of all I regretted being an activist that put so much effort in the fight but very little when she was back home. My lifestyle is nothing very meaningful  so I decided to change it and make it more similar to my principles.

I want a greener life.

This blog officially starts on the last days of negociations at the COP15 conference in Copenhagen and I commit myself to updating it until the end of the negociations of COP16 in Mexico. Throughout this year I will also become a vegetarian.

This blog is a mean of keeping my objectives in view but also of sharing with my peers my experience as a girl-next-door gone greener than she probably was before. I shall share here recipes, fashion tips and possibly nervous break-downs when drooling in front of chili con carne.

Welcome to my new life, seen from a green kaleidoscope, bear with me 😉

Thanks for your attention and let’s get this started !


3 Responses to The Green Kaleidoscope Project

  1. Alison says:

    Ca aurait beaucoup aidé si je savais me servir de wordpress et que j’avais cliqué sur ce thumbnail pour lire cet article…

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