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The truth about Tencel, Austria and Funnel Necks

Since mentioning it in my article on the eco-friendly Conscious Collection by H&M, the mysterious Tencel used to fake leather/suede/silk has kept me wondering where it came from… Tencel is the brand name for Lyocell and it is manufactured by … Continue reading

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So long April…

GoingBrightGreen is finally reaching an end. Today, I ate meat…┬áNOT! GoingBrightGreen is dead. IT’S ALIIIIIIIVE Thank you for reading it since its creation on December 18th 2010. Farewell my friends… and keep doing so because this is NOT OVER YET … Continue reading


Lost souls swimming in a fish bowl

Today Tilikum, the infamous orca which killed its trainer at the Orlando SeaWorld in February 2010 will return to the exhibition basin, thus I want to take on this opportunity to raise awareness about the condition of sea mammals in … Continue reading

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She is the Salt of the Earth

Check out this amazing website: Greenpeace is selling its legendary ship, the Rainbow Warrior, piece by piece, in order to finance a new one.┬áMake sure to check out their amazing website and visit the online store where you can find … Continue reading

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Eating Animals

I have created a new category in this blog’s sidebar : Eating Animals. This is but the first of a series of posts, it is not going to be investigation blogging but rather some snapshots of the book I am … Continue reading

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Oscars 2011 : do you think the buffet is vegan?

As pointed out by a reader, The Huffington Post has recently featured a slide show of the greenest 2011 Academy Awards Nominees. If you are curious I invite you to read it… or to stick with GBG for a quirkier … Continue reading

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The best of both worlds?

Looks like H&M is riding the ethical wave. After their surprising and I must say rather innovative Waste Collection, H&M is now releasing a Conscious Collection. Hitting your local H&m on April 14th 2011. The Women, Men and Kids Collection … Continue reading

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