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She is the Salt of the Earth

Check out this amazing website: Greenpeace is selling its legendary ship, the Rainbow Warrior, piece by piece, in order to finance a new one. Make sure to check out their amazing website and visit the online store where you can find … Continue reading

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The best of both worlds?

Looks like H&M is riding the ethical wave. After their surprising and I must say rather innovative Waste Collection, H&M is now releasing a Conscious Collection. Hitting your local H&m on April 14th 2011. The Women, Men and Kids Collection … Continue reading

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I’d rather go naked

I apologize to those not interested in the matter, but lately the blog has taken a distinct turn toward sustainable fashion and there are more articles on the topic coming. If you care, stay tuned ! Last week, all week, … Continue reading

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Put the Re- in building

Maybe some of you remember one of my earliest post on Portland’s Eco-Friendly Fashion Week. I heard at the time that Portland was probably the greenest city in the United States. Well now let me rephrase that: “Portland is most … Continue reading

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Happy Birthday GBG

Today GoingBrightGreen is 1 year old and I’m proud to say that I have been vegetarian for the past 365 days! Kudos to everyone who has supported me and cooked me special meals 🙂 In the end no one stopped … Continue reading

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Italy – the country that pleases them all

Like France, Italy is very famous for its delicious cuisine (one of my favourite ever), but unlike the French one, Italian cuisine is both good with and without meat, for the simple reason that not all Italian dishes are made … Continue reading

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Seasons give the word

This post concerns something that I have always been keen on sharing, which is the meaning of consuming ‘local’. In my struggle to be a little more responsible and a little less my-old-self (understand by that the common 21st century … Continue reading

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