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The truth about Tencel, Austria and Funnel Necks

Since mentioning it in my article on the eco-friendly Conscious Collection by H&M, the mysterious Tencel used to fake leather/suede/silk has kept me wondering where it came from… Tencel is the brand name for Lyocell and it is manufactured by … Continue reading

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The best of both worlds?

Looks like H&M is riding the ethical wave. After their surprising and I must say rather innovative Waste Collection, H&M is now releasing a Conscious Collection. Hitting your local H&m on April 14th 2011. The Women, Men and Kids Collection … Continue reading

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I’d rather go naked

I apologize to those not interested in the matter, but lately the blog has taken a distinct turn toward sustainable fashion and there are more articles on the topic coming. If you care, stay tuned ! Last week, all week, … Continue reading

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Thou shall not waste

In January there was a small but meaningful uproar against the Swedish brand H&M for cutting and destroying unsold items of clothing before throwing them (when they could give them to charity – conscious consuming 101, got it?).¬†The mischief was … Continue reading

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There is nothing like home

As I probably mentioned it before, the hardest part about leading a responsible life -for me at least- is the shopping because I LOVE fashion ! In order to avoid buying more and more clothes and accessories I must find … Continue reading

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Le Lac des Hirondelles

After being M.I.A for so long here’s a D.I.Y post on the M.I.U M.I.U Swallow Mary-janes (this is driving me slightly obsessed with acronyms…). The fashion blogosphere is going crazy over the swallow prints by MIU MIU and especially their … Continue reading

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Little Green Dress

So this is a random post. You all know my love for fashion and my struggle to balance this with my believes in a more ethical and less consumerist lifestyle… I tend advocate counter-growth rather than de-growth… So I give … Continue reading

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