I’d rather go naked

I apologize to those not interested in the matter, but lately the blog has taken a distinct turn toward sustainable fashion and there are more articles on the topic coming. If you care, stay tuned !

Last week, all week, was the New York Fashion week and if you are aware of the fur issue and its complicated relationship to luxury brands and fashion designers, then you are probably familiar with the role Peta plays every season.

Peta – People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals – always makes a strong point during New York’s Fashion Week against brands that use animal fur in their collection. Their usual direct actions consists in flour bombing celebrities wearing fur, throwing paint at the designers, crashing the catwalk with banners and obviously, staging demonstrations in central Fashion Weekish locations.

This year in New York they have stepped back from their usual deeds and held a very particular event. The party, hosted at Stella McCartney’s New York store consisted in the release of their 2011 anti-fur campaign, with actress Taraji P. Henson and a speech by Tim Gunn.

Tim Gunn was a mentor in the show Project Runway and he has always been very much involved with ethical Fashion. As a professor at the Parsons New School of Design, he had already invited Peta representatives to address his students and raise their awareness about the cruelty of the fur industry.

During the evening they mentioned Stella McCartney, owner of the shop who is a vegetarian and daughter of vegan Sir Paul McCartney. The success of her brand is often taken as example of a well established and recognized luxury brand that does not need to use fur, when some say that high-end designers cannot do without fur. She also often uses vegan leather, as in non animal, as in vegetal leather. I will soon conduct an investigation on vegetal leather… it intrigues me!

To conclude their event they showed a video of rabbits in a slaughter-house in China, killed for their fur and I think it’s my duty to share it. So here it goes…

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Put the Re- in building

Maybe some of you remember one of my earliest post on Portland’s Eco-Friendly Fashion Week. I heard at the time that Portland was probably the greenest city in the United States.

Well now let me rephrase that: “Portland is most surely, although I can’t really know because I don’t know all cities in the US and I tend to go ahead of myself and make statements that are later invalidated by alert readers, like that story about the potato gratin and the Prince? Totally didn’t check my sources on that. Which is why I am a bit shy in making this assumption so I will insist on the conditionality and genuine spontaneity of what I will say hereafter, the greenest city in the US.

Here’s why.

I recently discovered an amazing initiative run in Portland, Oregon. The project is called The Rebuilding Center and consists of a huge warehouse where one can buy used and collected building and modeling materials. The objective of the Rebuilding Center is to “provide resources that make home repairs affordable to everyone, with the goal of promoting the reuse of salvaged and reclaimed materials.

The Rebuilding Center also has a deconstruction service, so if you plan on deconstructing a house or old building for refurbishment or simply have it disappear from the face of the Earth, make sure to call over the peeps from The Rebuilding Center. They will collect everything they can save and it will all be made available in the warehouse for others to use. The warehouse apparently has the largest amount of used construction material of the region, including doors, tubs, sinks, windows, etc… Does anybody know if there are similar organisations in the World?

Oh and did I mention that they also have workshops to teach people what to do with their two hands and a hammer?

Oh and did I mention that they support community projects and they have volunteer opportunities?

Oh and did I mention that in my dreams am moving to Portland?

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Thou shall not waste

In January there was a small but meaningful uproar against the Swedish brand H&M for cutting and destroying unsold items of clothing before throwing them (when they could give them to charity – conscious consuming 101, got it?). The mischief was revealed by an employee of their flagship store in New York. And I say SHAME on you!

Yet it seems that it doesn’t take much for the infamous clothes machine to redeem itself, and with just the release of a minuscule but cleverly baptised “Waste Collection”, the Swedish giant has regained all credibility and its fidèles’ adoration. And so in their far far away land, Hennes and Moritz, after winning over the trust and love of their people, lived happily ever after.

Cynicism aside, I must say that they made a pretty clever move by turning all leftovers of the Lanvin Collection into a new collection. Isn’t that every fashionista’s dream? Turn all your old and dusty crap into cooler Arlequinesque Waka Waka inspired cocktail blazer? Like that chick Cinderella turned her pumpkin in a joy ride?

Unfortunately not everyone will be able to go all Cirque du Soleil with H&M as it appears that the Waste Collection is not on sale everywhere. Oh well… in that case I ain’t Wasting no money… got it? Got it?

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On study leave

Exams are starting down here in real life on Earth. I’ll be back early Feb’ !


– Good night and good luck

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My year in a nutshell. Sort of. But that still counts as crunchy right? I mean a nut is crunchy. Oh yeah, sorry you can’t get the joke before you read the article. But it was funny. Just know that. It always is.

Good 2011 everyone!

This morning I was greated by the most intriguing email from WordPress: Your Year in Blogging. I’m not sure I like the sound of that. Can they prosecute me if I’m boring blogging? Or if I have – let’s say…  repopulated a deserted subtropical island with 2000 people with a macbook each and they’re paid to read my blog? Because you never know, right?

But what was my suprise upon reading their verdict: I quote “You’re on fire. We think you did great!

On fire? Really? How does that work again?

They give you “crunchy numbers” to show you how well you did. That is obviouslw if you did as good as me. Which is not everyone’s lot. But you know it’s okay, even I struggled once. You know, all the greatest have had to fight their way to the top, like Rocky. Justin Bieber once said told me “never say never”. And “shake the glitter off your clothes”. Or maybe that wasn’t him. Anyway, all that matters is that one day, you too will have your photo on a cereal box, and an Ikea shelf named after you. because “what goes around comes around”. And now I’m sure it’s Katy Perry. No? The point is that you will then  regret the times when you could get your frozen yogurt without paparazzis taking pictures. But it’s okay because you’ll be best pals with Perez Hilton. And Mark Zuckerberg, will want to be “your friend”. And to piss him off you’ll decline the request and add Jesse Eisenberg instead. And you’ll be happy.

Anyway, here are my crunchy numbers

– A Boeing 747-400 passenger jet can hold 416 passengers. This blog was viewed about 5,600 times in 2010. That’s about 13 full 747s.

Hello Carbon Footprint!

– In 2010, you wrote 50 new posts, growing the total archive of this blog to 57 posts. You uploaded 121 pictures, taking up a total of 39mb. That’s about 2 pictures per week.

You know what they say … 2 pictures a week…

– Your busiest day of the year was November 19th with 167 views. The most popular post that day was It’s the final countdown .

So I take it you all can’t wait for me to end this ?

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Merry Christmas & Happy New Year

Admire the multicoloured GM modified Christmas tree and behold my nicest ball 🙂

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Happy Birthday GBG

Today GoingBrightGreen is 1 year old and I’m proud to say that I have been vegetarian for the past 365 days!

Kudos to everyone who has supported me and cooked me special meals 🙂 In the end no one stopped inviting me for dinner, I still have all my friends and that is a victory for vegetarianism!

Thanks to Mom, Dad, Régine, Alessandro, Margaux x2, Irène, Souad, Clara, Jess, Alison, Maël and Philou for bearing with me. And a special thought to Laura, Kim and Antoine!

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