Mrs. Potato

As mentioned in our previous post there is an interesting emphasis on ecology and environmentally-friendly lifestyles at the Shanghai 2010 World Fair.

One of its many ambitious project is the real/virtual experience of a family turning to a low-carbon emitting lifestyle. This initiative, wisely and not so innocently entitled “A Family in the World” will be broadcasted in no less than 4 exhibition halls of Pudong. This programme will show how Mr. Hao’s family lives and uses minimal amounts of CO2 energy at the same time.

These technologies of the future comprise a kitchen equiped with devices with low CO2 emissions and an above-ground kitchen garden where vegetables will be fed with nutrient. Greens and fruits will take from 15 to 20 days to grow. The happy inhabitant will then only have to pick it to eat it.

L-O-V-E the idea of us mere humans growing our own food – especially in cities thanks to above-ground methods – but I am not too keen to have my tomatoes being fed with kryptonite for me to eat them in 15 days. Bearing in mind that normal tomatoes need about 4 months to grow. It kinda ruins the whole return-to-nature romantic moment I had with my celery.

So, if you are also heads over heels for the over-ground personal kitchen garden and you wish to grow your own, why don’t you start with the simplest of vegetables with the Potato Growing Bag! Easy to use and re-use, only 10 pounds! Buy it here.

The other thing that is trully revolutionary – or rather evolutionary –  in the “Family in the World” project, is the use of domestic wind turbines that supply the house for its daily need of energy and charges the battery of their electric car. Let the future begin!

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